Humana Health Insurance: Why Consider It

Humana Health Insurance: Why Consider It


There are several options to choose from if you need to pick a Humana health insurance. Thankfully, with online tools, you can easily choose the best Medicare Supplement plans in 2020 coverage based on your medical care needs.


Details About Humana Medicare Supplement plans in 2020

Medicare Supplement plans in 2020Humana focuses on Medicare Supplement plans in 2020 for businesses. However, it also provides insurance options for individuals. These would include Medicare supplement, dental coverage, and term life insurance.


As one of the biggest providers of Medicare Supplement plans in 2020 in the US, Humana has also one of the widest healthcare professional networks. Within its network, it consists of more than 9 million members, in the US alone. The network includes over 400,000 hospitals, pharmacies, dentists, hospitals and specialists.


Humana offers a wide range of affordable Medicare Supplement plans in 2020 choices. It knows that individuals want to have better Medicare Supplement plans in 2020 options that they can compare before making a decision. When you choose Humana’s health plan, you can access its wide network of high-quality care. Its health plans are available in 23 US states.


When It All Started

The company started as a nursing home business in 1961. The said business was founded by two lawyers from Kentucky — David A. Jones and Wendell Cherry. Their four other friends joined in the business to build the Heritage House and Extendicare. Each of them invested $1,000. Within just a few years, the company had 7 nursing homes. They expanded their business portfolio and decided to acquire Alabama’s Medical Center Hospital.

A few years after, the Heritage House and Extendicare became Humana, Inc. At that time, it was just a hospital business. In the early 1980s, the company was the largest hospital business in the world as it held more than 80 hospitals around the world. Then, in 1984, it increased its business coverage to expand to the Medicare Supplement plans in 2020 industry. At that time, it only offered HMO plans.


Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of health plans from Humana. The plans cater to families, businesses, and individuals. The company remains in Kentucky. Its main headquarters is in Louisville.

Helping Build Healthier Lives

It is the goal of the Humana Foundation. The Foundation started in 1981. It is involved in many charitable activities and it supports several community initiatives. It focuses on disaster relief, culture, as well as healthcare and education. Find low rates and coverage at


In the past few years, the foundation invested hundreds of thousands of dollars for several programs. These would include Louisville’s the City of Parks. To promote childcare, kid’s health and fitness, it supports the YMCA of Southern Indiana.


When Hurricane Katrina destroyed the Gulf Coast, it donated $500,000 to the American Red Cross. And another $500,000 for extra needs. In 2005, the Foundation had contributed more than $7 million to non-profit organizations across the country.

What types of Medicare Supplement plans in 2020you can obtain?

Affordable Care Act Plans (ACA)

Also known as Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans are comprehensive coverage. ACA plans are the most comprehensive health plan on the market. They can help you pay for your healthcare expenses, especially if you have a chronic disease or need a medical emergency.

Humana’s ACA plans can provide coverage for a wide range of health care services. These would include inpatient and outpatient services. With these plans, you can significantly save money on prescription drugs, routine hospital/doctor visits, preventative care, and more. Nearly everyone can avail of them. The best thing about it is that you cannot be rejected because of your pre-existing conditions.

Short-Term Plans

They are an alternative option for ACA. For instance, if you missed the deadline for the ACA plans, you can choose to have a short-term plan to fill the gap. But these plans offer less coverage, unlike the ACA policies. However, you can obtain a short-term plan at any time, unlike the ACA plan that involves an Open Enrollment Period. Furthermore, it can offset healthcare costs during a medical emergency. But it does not cover your pre-existing condition.

Unfortunately, these plans do not meet the ACA requirements. Furthermore, they do not cover all of your medical needs. In that case, you need to read the plan details before you apply for it. When you purchase a short-term health plan, you are not qualified for ACA plans, COBRA and other health insurance.


The short term plans of Humana are only available in a few states.

Indemnity Plans

They are fee-for-service plans that offer a fixed amount for certain services. For instance, if you need to visit your doctor, your policy will provide you $50, no matter what the overall healthcare bill is for such a visit.

When you combine this plan with other insurance, it can significantly lower your out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, such as coinsurance and copays. Some people would purchase a medical indemnity plan only while others will use it as part of its insurance package. However, indemnity plans do not meet the ACA requirements. Furthermore, they do not include pre-existing conditions.


For that reason, these plans may not be right for every person who needs Medicare Supplement plans in 2020 coverage. But they are still worth considering.

Health Programs

Another reason millions of individuals choose Humana’s health plans is that the company offers many health programs. These programs allow you to Medicare Supplement plans in 2020maximize your plan. They can give you more care than when you are sick. The health programs will help you maintain a healthier body.

For instance, it provides a personal nurse program. It lets you collaborate with a personal nurse to know your goals and understand your benefits and treatment. It also guides you to make healthier decisions.


Humana’s Urgent Care

Emergency Room visits are not planned. But they can be expensive. If you wish to save on your overall healthcare bill, you can go to Humana’s urgent care center. It lets you significantly reduce the medical bill if you need treatment for your minor illness and injury. It is affordable as it can help you save money on services and copays. Furthermore, the service is fast and there are no waiting times involved. Plus, the centers are open on weekends and evenings.